Edward's Publishing Co., Inc. was established in June 1967 and is a Nevada sub-chapter S corporation. The purpose of the company is to publish books on electrical connectors and related components.

The Encyclopedia of Connectors provides the user with a single source reference of all major Military Specifications and their commercial equivalents. Also included are a number of widely used commercial series which are not covered by any Military Specification. Until the publication of the Encyclopedia of Connectors, one might have had to search through a multitude of connector manufacturer's catalogs and Military Specifications to find information regarding a specific connector. Now it is all together in a single publication --- the Encyclopedia of Connectors.

Each volume has been organized in a manner which makes the identification or selection of a specific connector quick and easy. The introductory material following the Table of Contents describes the organization and use of the Encyclopedia. It also presents clear, concise explanations and definitions of all aspects of connector terminology.

The data, drawings and dimensions in the Encyclopedia of Connectors are to be used for identification, selection and equipment design only and are not for inspection purposes. While every effort has been made to assure the accuracy of the information contained in our publications, Edward's Publishing Company, Inc. cannot be held responsible or liable for any inaccuracies or omissions in the Military or manufacturer's specifications and drawings. All specifications and data are subject to change.

A History of Our Publications
Our first publication (Volume I) covers multiple pin cylindrical connectors and continues to be the most popular. It was first published in 1967 and was a single saddle-stitched book of 44 pages. Today there are nine different volumes available covering various connector types. Shown below is a history of our publications.

Year Volume Description ISBN Pages Books
1967 I Cylindrical None 44 1
1976 I Cylindrical None 394 1
1985 I Cylindrical 0-935551-01-7 1270 2
1994 I Cylindrical 0-935551-10-6 1626 2*
1998 I Cylindrical 0-935551-50-5 2302 2*
2000 I Cylindrical 0-935551-60-2 2200 2*
2006 I Cylindrical 978-0-935551-75-6 2200 2*
2011 I Cylindrical 978-0-935551-76-3 2206 2*
1983 II Rectangular Rack & Panel 0-935551-00-9 1162 2
1989 III Coaxial/RF 0-935551-03-3 2458 2
2000 III Coaxial/RF 0-935551-61-0 2678 2
2006 III Coaxial/RF 978-0-935551-61-9 2680 2
1990 IV Two Piece PWB 0-935551-05-X 1752 2
1993 V Accessories 0-935551-09-2 1702 2
2004 V Accessories 0-935551-67-1 2120 2
1995 VI Contacts & Tools 0-935551-08-4 884 1
2001 VI Contacts & Tools 0-935551-52-1 1800 2*
2003 VI Contacts & Tools 0-935551-66-1 2038 2*
2007 VI Contacts & Tools 978-0-935551-66-4 2064 2*
1991 VII Rectangular Rack & Panel 0-935551-06-8 2048 2
1992 VIII D-Sub & Micro D 0-935551-07-6 2052 2
2002 IX Airbus, Boeing, Douglas 0-935551-65-3 2154 2*
2006 IX Airbus, Boeing, Douglas 978-0-935551-65-7 2170 2*
1997 Master Index   0-933551-72-6 686 1
2000 Master Index   0-935551-63-7 904 1
2001 Master Index   0-935551-64-5 938 1
2003 Master Index   0-935551-73-4 956 1
2007 Master Index   978-0-935551-73-2 958 1
*Two books are in one binder.

These publications are updated whenever there are major changes to the applicable specifications. We recently found that the majority of changes that have taken place have been mergers and acquisitions of connector manufacturers rather than the addition of new specifications.

In 1989 we released a CD-ROM product (CIDS 1.0/Volume I) covering multi-pin cylindrical connectors. It met with limited success as it was released at the time when the Military cutbacks were first beginning. We also produced CIDS 2.0/Volume 9 which was for the airline industry. Both products had a relational database and allowed for parametric searches. In 1993 both of these products were sold to Information Handling Services (IHS).

In 1994, due to the high cost of paper and printing, we discontinued our hard-covered case-bound books and started using "Printing-on-demand". Although the printing cost per book is 2 to 3 times more expensive than a case-bound book, you can economically print 25 copies at a time versus 500 to 1000. All publications since 1994 are in an expandable type binder.

In 1998 we released a CD-ROM (CDV1) version of our hard copy Volume I. No parametric searches were allowed. This product was based upon the Micro-Soft Acrobat product Version 3. In late 1999 Acrobat Version 4 was released which was NOT compatible with Version 3. If we revised our product to run on Version 4 there is no guarantee that any subsequent versions of Acrobat would be compatible. At this time we have suspended all work on a CD-ROM product.

On August 1, 2003 we appointed Spacecraft Components Corp. as the exclusive distributor for all our publications.


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