Ordering Information
All commercial and Military series part numbering systems are presented in a clear step-by-step format. Complete detailed explanations of ordering codes simplify the selection of new components and allows rapid identification of part numbers on existing equipment.
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Available Sources
All manufacturer's part numbers qualified for use by the Military are cross-referenced to their corresponding Military part numbers. In some volumes, cross-references between manufacturer's part numbers are provided when no QPL sources have been approved for a specific component.
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Dimensional Data
Shows drawings and dimensional data for all Commercial and Military Specification series components. Covers shells, hardware, accessories, contacts, mounting information, panel cutouts and PWB hole patterns as applicable to each configuration.
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Contacts and Tools
Detailed physical and electrical characteristics of Commercial contacts as well as Military versions. Lists tools required for crimping, insertion and removal.
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List of Manufacturers
Includes plant location, cage code, telephone, fax and TWX (as available) of all manufacturers whose components are listed in each volume.
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Glossary of Terms
A comprehensive list of terms and electronic nomenclature relating to connectors, their components and accessories. Each entry is explained clearly and concisely.
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Military Specification Summary
Summaries of pertinent Military Specifications are contained in the Appendix of each Volume. Specifications include those related to Plating, Testing and Wire.
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Alpha-Numeric Index
Lists all Commercial and Military part numbers contained in the Volume. Gives a concise description of each part number as well as identifying manufacturer, applicable Military Specification and page number where detailed information can be found.
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