Over 2000 pages of valuable information on Commercial and Military Cylindrical Connectors. Thousands of Military and Manufacturer's documents and specifications are simplified and organized into easy to use sections, each covering a specific Military Specification and all related Commercial connector series including:


Also included are over 60 Commercial and Military part number cross-references and detailed information on connectors, insert configurations, contacts, tools, wire and cable, grommet seal sizes and other useful information.


Military Specification Comparison
Expedites selection of desired specification. Contains all relevant information of each specification for comparison to other specifications. Selection of connector specifications is simplified by these comparisons and technical data. Compresses hundreds of Military Specification pages into one easy to use table.
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Insert Configurations by Shell Size
Tabular listings for each major Military Specification show contact sizes and distribution, alternate positions, special arrangements and special contact requirements.
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Insert Configurations by Total Contacts
Graphic presentation of insert configurations for all Commercial and Military series by total number of contacts. Also shows contact size, rating and mix for each insert.
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Connector Accessory Quick Reference
Simplifies selection of accessories for each major Military Specification. Gives Commercial and Military part number of every accessory configured for each connector specification and indicates where detailed information on these accessories can be found in Volume V of the Encyclopedia.
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