Volume III has over 29,000 manufacturer and Military Specification part numbers shown on over 2,700 pages. The first 121 sections of Volume III are each dedicated to a specific RF Coaxial Connector series. All connector configurations available in each series are shown along with detailed dimensional data, performance parameters and part number cross-references. Section 122 details Between-Series Adapters, Section 123 is devoted to Accessories and Section 124 lists Available Sources. Connector series and specifications covered include:




Cable Selection Guide
40 pages of information, formulae, graphs, cable characteristics and tables to assist in RF Coaxial Cable selection. Includes tables showing physical and electrical characteristics of all M17 and RG/U cables.
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Connector Data
121 Sections showing connecor physical outlines, dimensional data, panel mounting requirements, cable groups, termination methods, finish, contact data and manufacturer's part numbers.
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Available Sources
106 pages of tables cross-referencing Military part numbers to their corresponding qualified manufacturer's part numbers. Can also be used as an alternate source reference.
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