Volume IX of the Encyclopedia of Connectors is devoted to Cylindrical and Rectangular Rack and Panel connectors used by Airbus Industries, Boeing Airplane Company and McDonnell Douglas on their commercial multi-engine aircraft.

This volume has been compiled from the Specification Control and Chapter 20 documents of airframe manufacturers, from ARINC specifications, from Military specifications and from connector manufacturers' catalogs. It is presented as a useful reference tool and is not intended to replace the maintenance and repair documents of an airframe manufacturer. All maintenance and repair work on commercial multi-engine aircraft must be performed following the guidelines defined in the airframe manufacturer's current issue of Chapter 20.


Volume Organization
The material in volume IX has been simplified and organized into easy to use sections. Each section is dedicated to a unique connector or component configuration. A typical connector section contains all data pertinent to the airframe manufacturer's requirements as well as catalog information of producers of connector configurations conforming to a specific ARINC and/or Military specification. Dimensional data, available sources, contacts and insert configurations are also shown for each connector type. Other sections in the volume are devoted to subjects such as connector accessories, contacts and tools.
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Part Numbering Systems/Chapter 20
Part numbering systems are explained by defining the significance of each character in the part number. All pages showing airframe manufacturers and Military specification part numbering systems reference the specific Chapter 20 section which details the subject component.
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Alpha-Numeric Index
An extensive alpha-numeric index gives a concise description of each part number appearing in Volume IX and refers the user to the page where detailed information can be found.
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