Includes all connector accessories as defined in SAE-AS85049. To present a complete reference source for cylindrical connector accessories, applicable portions of the following specifications are also included:


Section 1 summarizes MIL-C-85049 which has been superseded by SAE-AS85049. This section is preceeded by an extensive connector accessory quick reference table.

Sections 2 through 18 each cover a specific accessory configuration, i.e., Environmental Backshells, Strain Reliefs, Dust Caps, etc. The front portion of each section contains all applicable Military Specification Slash Sheet information. This is followed by manufacturer's data on conforming components as well as commercial variants.

Section 19 contains information on miscellaneous accessories. Included are Bulkhead Adapters, Pipe Thread Adapters, Shorting Cans, Conduit Fittings and Connector Assembly Tools.


Accessory Applications
Describes and defines over 20 Connector Accessory configurations and their application to specific connector usage environments. Explains in detail the 9 sub-groups of backshells and compares their features. Allows the user to select the optimum component for any specific connector application.
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Connector Accessory Quick Reference
Simplifies selection of accessories for each major Military Connector Specification. Gives Military part number and manufacturer's equivalent part number for each accessory category.
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M85049 Slash Sheet Details
Every M85049 accessory is shown with detailed dimensional data, part number explanation and specific application data.
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Manufacturers Data
Detailed dimensional and ordering information is shown for manufacturers components applicable to each section title.
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