The information presented in Volume VI of The Encyclopedia of Connectors covers manufacturer's proprietary contacts and tooling, Contact Specification MIL-C-39029, Crimp Tool Specification MIL-DTL-22520, Insertion and Removal Tool Specification MIL-I-81969 and Tool Kit Specifications MIL-T-83507 and MIL-M-83521.

In addition, Contact and Tooling information unique to 34 Connector Specifications found in Volumes I though IX of The Encyclopedia of Connectors is also covered in detail as well as contact information on other devices such as Relay Sockets and Terminal Junctions.

Identification of Contacts, proper Application Tooling and Sources of Supply is made easy by referring to the unique tables in this volume. Samples of these tables are shown on the reverse of this page.


Bin Code Summary
If the contact is one defined in MIL-DTL-39029 and the sequence of color bands or the BIN (Basic Identification Number) Code is known, the complete part number of the contact can be found by using this table.
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Contact Summary
This table is used when the contact part number is known and a brief overview of the part is desired. It shows the contact style, size, color bands, material, finish and application.
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Alternate Use Contacts
Alternate Use Contacts are those which may be used in place of a standard contact to perform a special function such as power, alternate wire barrel size, shielded, coaxial or thermocouple.
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Contact Tooling Summary
This quick-reference table gives the part numbers of the Crimp, Insertion and Removal Tools for all contacts shown in Volume VI.
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Coaxial Connector Tooling Summary
This table contains Tooling information for MIL-DTL-39012 Category C, D, E and F Coaxial Connectors. Only those MIL-DTL-39012 part numbers which require tools for assembly are shown in this table.
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