Everything there is to know about Rectangular Rack & Panel Connectors!

The 2,032 pages of this publication cover all connectors, contacts, tools and accessories as defined in the following Military and ARINC Specifications:


All Military and ARINC Specifications are reproduced in their entirety, providing detailed information on dimensional data, material specifications, qualification requirements, inspection procedures, etc. A separate section is devoted to widely used manufacturer's proprietary series connectors not covered by any Military Specification. The six manufacturers and their connector series are:
  • AMP, Inc. series AA, D, DD, RA and RE
  • Amphenol series CNI (126) and 94
  • Amphenol/Bendix series LPSRC
  • Burndy series DTD and DTD2
  • Deutsch series 500L
  • ITT Cannon series D, DJS, DP/DPL, DPA, DPB, DPD, DPE, DPF, DPG, DPJ, DPM, DPO, DPR, DPS and DPYC.

Military Specification Comparison
Expedites selection of desired specifications. Contains all relevant information of each specification for comparison to other specifications. Selection of connector specifications is simplified by these comparisons and technical data. Compresses hundreds of specification pages into one easy to use table.
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Illustrated Specification Summary
Representative connector illustrations of all Military Specification connectors and their Commercial equivalents are shown along with information on wire size range and minimum/maximum number of contacts.
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Insert Configurations
Graphic presentation of insert configurations for all Commercial and Military series by total number of contacts and/or shell size. Also shows contact size, rating and mix for each insert.
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Illustrations, dimensions and part number information on Commercial and Military accessories is included for each Commercial and Military Specification series.
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